Meet the crew!

Navigator, Satnav Steven, the cheeky chappie in the goggles, puts the naughty into nautical, and is rather easily distracted. Can sometimes be a bit of a menace, when he replots the  course on a whim. He will, though, take on any role that’s needed and, if he concentrates, knows all about direction.

In-the-Know Joe is the Science Officer and Chief Engineer, in charge of on-board experiments, and the medicine chest, who will find the rhyme and reason behind whatever we discover – animal, vegetable, mineral or fantastical (he knows a lot about magic beasts, notably werewolves). He has the measure of everything and is always willing to put his best foot forward.

Copy Kat, the Ship’s Artist, makes a visual record of the voyage. Scion of a distinguished dynasty and the fastest draw in the west, she is also useful on the Observation Deck, can always be trusted to hold the line and is not afraid of a brush with danger.

Often up in the Prose Nest is Lookout Kate, the Ship’s Boy (though actually a girl) who can nip up the rigging before you can say ‘rooftoppers’. She is nimble-footed and nimble-witted, can be wild as a wolf, but, though adventurous, she always has a sense of balance. Acrobatic and sharp-eyed, she’s ready for whatever comes over the horizon.

And keeping us fuelled with ship’s biscuits and stifado is Anna, the Greek in the galley, known as Cook Conomos. She is a passionate person and loves to tell stories, which she will serve up in a rich stew of ingredients from everywhere we roam.

Twist, the bandicoot (of the pig-footed variety), was inherited from a chap called Eliot, who found her lurking on some foreign ship. She’s devious and bristly, though she and the Captain have a certain mutual fondness.