Reports from the Honorary Crew Members

We’ve had some excellent field reports from our Honorary Crew Members, recruited from primary schools across Oxfordshire. 

West Witney Primary School

‘I think there’s a problem,’ said Cook.  As soon as he spoke a hoof glinting with gold as bright as the sun smashed through the door making everybody reel backwards and look for cover as flying bits of debris off the door scattered everywhere.  The owner of the golden hoof was a beautiful white stallion with wings, in fact he was whiter than white, it was Pegasus. “Why did nobody invite me?” came the voice of the stallion his eyes scanning the room and seeing the damage. “So sorry for breaking the door” the stallion said guiltily. “That’s alright, the door is easily replaced,” replied cook, “If you carry the door around then you may stay for tea.”

So Pegasus carried the new door around and cook replaced it. After that cook served Pegasus, the Dalmatians, Pooh and everyone else afternoon tea of: Lemon tea, chocolate brownies, jam tarts and cake (and Pooh some honey). Everybody ate with relish, thanked cook and left. Next the Ever-after ship sailed away and went to another land.

Rosemary Macormack Age 10


“Ah” he said “I think we have a problem” he said as he moved to let the other members of crew and the other party members see. To their shock they were surprised to find a tiny mouse ran into the ship and said “excuse me but my children and husband haven’t eaten for days and we smelt the food from a mile away and so could we have some” she said in a loud and scary voice and then Joe said “of course you can it’s an open meal.” So then the tiny mouse did a very ear piercing scream and in two seconds 1 male mouse and six babies appeared and ran inside the ship and said “thank you for your kindness” they grabbed what they could and ran shrieking “thank you” as they ran to the horizon.

Olivia Hardwick Age 10


Whilst everyone was worrying about what Joe had seen, the captain’s eyes were scanning the horizon. In the distance she could see a little orange shape growing larger and larger; and following it was a brown smudge growing longer by the minute. When the thing was closer Captain could make out the common shape of a T-rex dinosaur. Then when it was closer she realised who it was, it was the dinosaur that pooped the planet. It had peely orange skin and big brown eyes. When the tea had finished, the crew and their guests found themselves stranded in a brown sticky mess. Then they rang up Owl from the Gruffalo. Owl swooped down with a rusty spade outside the ship and frees the party. The crew let down a threadbare ladder for Owl and flew away for their mission.

Eva Mackrary age 10



Appleton School

Dear diary,

Today Tim the dog from The Famous Five came to my door.  He was wagging his tail and whining at me to follow him.  We headed for the misty moors.  We saw the shadow of somebody snooping around.  As we got closer there was at least 4 men shouting orders at each other.  They were lifting large crates from behind a bush.  It looked like they were smuggling away goods. So me and Timmy went to spy on them. An hour later we sneaked away and got the police who came and took them away. It turned out that the crates were full of stolen jewellery.



A huge muscular creature loomed over me as I stood there trembling in terror. His teeth were serrated like shards of shattered glass. His eyes were glowing red and had a startling shine. His distinguished stripy pattern warns you how powerful he. I was too scared to move. His spine-chilling snarly makes your heart skip a beat, his claws and destructive jaw make you beg for mercy… Its Shere Kahn.



I just sat down with a steaming cup of hot chocolate when I heard a scrabbling noise at the door. As I cautiously walked to the door I heard a crunch! I gradually gained the confidence to pull open the golden letterbox. As I peered through the letter box my eyes met with two bulbous deep blue eyes. I stepped back startled. The letter box clattered shut, I ran upstairs to get myself armed. I came back clutching a nurf gun and covered in pans. But whatever was lurking outside had nibbled its way in. I looked at the teeth-marks, fascinated. Suddenly, there was a boom behind me. I looked round and, no. It couldn’t be. Nibbler!



Knock, knock, knock,

I open the door,

But what, what, what,

I’m not sure,

A brick holding, wolf scolding,

Sweet but clever pig,

“let me in, let me in, by the hair of my chinny chin chin.”

“Come in, come in,”

I said with a grin.

“Close the door quickly, he’s after me.

The big bad wolf,

thinks I’m his tea.”



Dear Diary,

Today I got a knock on the door knock knock! When I answered the door there were 101 Dalmatians and they went rampaging through my house! Destroying furniture, lamps, chairs, mirrors and tables. They were everywhere on my bed, dangling off of the chandelier, they were even in the pantry eating the food! My mum pulled up in the drive way, I panicked she doesn’t like dogs at all. So I collected all 101 Dalmatians and put them in the coat cupboard hoping my mum doesn’t notice. My mum came through the door I had a very worried look on my face. She looked at me and said “what’s wrong?” “Nothing,” I replied. Once she went into the lounge I snuck the 101 Dalmatians through the back door.

Istrid Blomerus


Ding dong.

The music stopped,

My parents froze,

My friends froze,

I froze,

The party was frozen stiff,

As I stepped closer,

Sweat ran down my back,

I leaned forward” click,”

The door opened,

Standing in the frame of the door was….

A calm knowledgeable Lion!

I leant forward to touch him,

His fur was as soft as a cloud,

I knew he was Aslan…



Today to my surprise, when I opened the door I came nose to whisker with “catwings.”

They were coming to stay. We live near a forest so me and the cat wings flew over the plush forest canopy and the catwings got distracted by chasing some squirrels and once we settled on a tree they said they would fly me to and from school! I couldn’t wait to finish school and continue the adventure. We flew home and shared a bowl of cheese. Yum! Goodnight diary.