What is Ever After?

The Story Museum faces a challenge. It must gather the greatest stories of all time and the greatest ways of telling them. Only then can it become a wonder. Only then can it begin to fulfil its true potential.

So it has dispatched Ever After, its fantastical Story Craft, on a mission to collect the 1001 greatest stories and the treasures they contain. Tales from other times and places. Told in person, on paper, on screen.

But where should it go and what should it bring back? We need you to tell us your favourite bits from your favourite stories so our craft can collect them for the museum. We need your help to shape and build a collection that will enrich young lives for generations to come.

Somewhere in the Fictional Universe our intrepid story collectors and their pet pig-footed bandicoot await your instructions. Visit Mission Control to steer them towards success. And let the adventure begin!